Single Gift Pack of Captain Jims Gourmet Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Each gift pack contains 3 cans.
Alaska's finest ocean-caught, wild Red Sockeye Salmon seasoned with natural alder smoke.
Custom smoked and hand packed exclusively for the Riverboat Discovery.
In stock

A northern delicacy, this world-renowned Alaskan salmon is freshly caught in Southeastern ocean waters. Our salmon is filleted and smoked over specially seasoned alder wood, using an original Alaskan recipe that has been in Captain Jim's family for generations. The sockeye salmon is hand-packed fresh in 6 ounce cans and is rich with flavor. Our salmon makes a wonderful gift, but do not forget to treat yourself to our salmon.

Our gift pack is packaged in an attractive gift box and includes three 6 oz. cans of Captain Jim's Salmon, for you to enjoy. Recipe books of our favorite Captain Jim's recipes are available for purchase for $4.99 (included with the purchase of multiple gift packs).

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